Beyond Prescription Corrections

Prescription correcting surgeries such as laser correction and lens implants can and do make a dramatic improvement in life quality for over a million Americans every year but it's important to understand how other eye issues can affect vision.

Introduction to Refractive/Lens Surgery

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Dry Eye | Red Eyes | Lid Health

Hundreds of different things may cause red, irritated eyes, but the most common is eye dryness from our lifestyles (heavy screen use, decreased blinking) and lack of eyelid care. Imagine never washing your hair - your scalp would be very irritated and inflamed. Now imagine that tissue rubbing over your eye thousands of times every single day for years.

Having dry, irritated eyes can affect the comfort, vision, and accuracy of any procedure. See below for tips on how to optimize eye surface and comfort.

Phone, Computer or TV Use

Take a 20 sec break, look away 20 feet every 20 minutes, and close your lids completely two times (AKA 20/20/20/2 rule)

Lid and Lash Care

Clean lids every morning and evening by closing your eyes, gently scrubbing the base of lids with Ocusoft foaming lid wash, and rinsing off

Unclog Oil Glands

Use a hot towel or heated eye mask compresses to heat and loosen the natural oil glands of the eyelids for 5-10 minutes each day. Hot but not burning

*This is also the best way to treat styes

Lotion for Your Eyes

Supplement your tears with artificial tears or lubricating gels and ointments (use preservative-free if over 4x/day)

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Common Ocular Surface Diseases and Conditions

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